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Slide SOFTWARE Paperless Business Processes Networks consists of Microsoft Windows Servers and any kinds of Linux Servers are considered as "Mixed Environment" Networks Automate Business Processes Usually plenty of experts certified by at least one of the technology leaders like Microsoft Co. can be considered as "Senior Network Administrator" Increase Business Productivity Thanks to more than 4000 hours during over 8 years, I have an excellent experience in teaching network engineering courses.

Reasons why organizations and companies turn to software:

  • Occurrence of information explosion phenomenon and failure to provide appropriate and necessary information for decision making.
  • The changing environments of organizations and the rapid growth of change.
  • Reduce management complexity.
  • Independence of different organizational units.
  • Improving and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s activities.
  • Occurrence of information power phenomenon in employees and managers of lower levels in the organization.
  • Busy managers and lack of time.
  • Existence of improper communication in the organization.
  • Lack of proper control systems in the organization.
  • The need to speed up decisions.
  • Lack of financial resources and cost reduction.

Now the question that arises is what is good software and what are its features? Some of the features that can be considered a good organizational software are:

  • Provide information with appropriate features in terms of content, time and form for the manager.
  • The manager’s goals and information needs are fully responsive and can help him in solving problems and decision making.
  • Have the ability to develop and improve in the future because the information needs of managers change over time.
  • To be accepted by its leaders, employees and users and to consider the human aspects well.
  • The cost of design, installation, operation and maintenance is economically viable.
  • The method of working with it is simple.
  • In addition to being user-friendly, the system should establish a good relationship with its user and give him the necessary instructions when necessary.

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