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Here is a summarization of my life and my personality. If I want to describe my self, I should say I am a combination of these in Information Technology world:

  • Mixed Environment (Linux and Windows) Pro
  • IT Developments Project Manager
  • Senior Network Administrator
  • Senior Database (MSSQL) Administrator

But the best thing that defines me in my personal life is that I am a kind person and I try to be kind to those around me. I love animals and I always see kindness and tenderness in them. I am into cooking, so I cook some Iranian food professionally, although the Olivie Salad that I make is known to be delicious not only in my family but in all around me 😊. I have excellent human resource management ability. I have a lot of respect for my customers and I provide plenty of services to them. I love nature and the elements of it such as forests, mountains, rivers, etc., and also I relax by going to nature every month. Since my father is an international artist, I was into some graphical works and activities, to I had learned plenty of skills in Digital Arts just like Photoshop, Poster designing, Stationary designing and so on. So I am a graphist now, but this is not my thing to earn money.  These are some items help you to know me better:


  • Microsoft MCITP Server – Enterprise – MSSQL Querying
  • Cisco CCNA – CCNP Route & Switch
  • MikroTik MTCNA
  • Redhat RHCSA – RHCE
  • (Information Technology) Project Management Professional
  • Kerio Control


  • Speech about “Big-data on Social Media” in Azad University
    • 2015 December 13
  • Speech about “How to Entrepreneurship: University to Industry” in Azad University
    • 2015 December 14


  • MikroTik MTCNA (PDF, in Persian)
  • Cisco CCNA (PDF, in Persian)
  • Link State Routing Protocols (Hard Copy, in Persian)
    • ISBN: 978-622-710368-7
  • Neural Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (Hard Copy, in Persian)
    • ISBN: 978-622-710398-4

 Teaching Experiences:

  • Cisco ICND I & ICND II (CCNA R/S)
  • Cisco Switching, Routing, Troubleshooting CCNP
  • Redhat Certified System Administrator: RHCSA
  • Redhat Certified Engineer: RHCE
  • Supply Chain Management Systems: SCMS
  • MCITP 2008, MCSA 2010
  • MS-SQL Querying


  • Speech about “Big-data on Social Media” in Azad University: 2015 December 13
  • Speech about “How to Entrepreneurship: University to Industry” in Azad University: 2015 December 14


  • Persian: (Native)
  • English: Professional


Amir Massoud Khalaj was born in 1988 and spent his childhood and adolescence in Tehran. During high school, he became acquainted with Robo-Cup competitions, and after learning the C ++ programming language and producing robot algorithms, he had achieved the first grade in Tehran.

In the middle years of high school, when he had a strong computer skill and was also a well-versed C ++ programmer, he tried to teach this language in some of computer institutes. After the national exam, in 2006 he started his computer engineering course at Tehran Azad University Central Branch, and along with that, he started learning network engineering courses.

He took the Network+, CCNA and MCITP courses well from 2008 to 2009, and continued his CCNA and MCITP training courses for two years in addition to managing Microsoft-based networks. In 2011 and 2012, he obtained the following international certificates:

  • Microsoft Windows Seven
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2008
  • Microsoft application infrastructure
  • Microsoft Network Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Associate

He founded the Telecommunication Engineering Company at the age of 23, in 2012, and started conducting on network projects. Then, with the aim of developing his science and knowledge in the field of information security, he successfully completed the following courses:

  • CEH v8
  • ECSA
  • ENSA
  • OSCP
  • OSWE
  • PWK

Immediately after passing the above courses, he established the second department of his company Department of Information Security, with the aim of strengthening information security in the country. A few years later, in 2016, the first software project was proposed by the Railway Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran to FaraErtebat Engineering Company under the management of Amir Massoud Khalaj, and with this proposal, the company also activated its software department.

During these years, in addition to acquiring technical and managerial skills as well as increasing the number of successful projects, he decided to start educational and research activities. With the aim of disseminating his knowledge and experiences to the newer generation, he gave several lectures at the Islamic Azad University on the “background of social networks”, “Big data”, “from university to industry and entrepreneurship”. He also wrote several books in the field of network engineering:

  • MikroTik MTCNA (PDF, in Persian)
  • Cisco CCNA (PDF, in Persian)
  • Link mode routing protocols (hard copy, in Persian) ISBN: 978-622-710368-7
  • Nervous intelligence and artificial intelligence (hard copy in Persian) ISBN: 978-622-710398-4

During this period, he has taught the following courses in various educational institutions:

  • Cisco ICND I & ICND II (CCNA R / S)
  • Cisco switching, routing, CCNP troubleshooting
  • Redhat Authorized System Administrator: RHCSA
  • Redhat Certified Engineer: RHCE
  • Supply Chain Management Systems: SCMS
  • MCITP 2008, MCSA 2010
  • Query from MS-SQL

AmirMasoud Khalaj’s latest international degree in SQL Querying was obtained in 2018.